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Double Buggy Chaos

Choosing a double buggy has its own unique problems. You look at double buggies and suddenly the price rockets and you don’t get anything thrown in, you have to pay for ALL the extras. It’s like the “w” word – as in ‘Wedding’. When you buy anything under this category it shoots the price up. Same with the word ‘multiples’ or ‘twins’.  Shops sell an all-in-one ‘travel system’ (pram to you or me) that can have an interchangeable seat / car seat / crib / bassionet to use from newborn until they are 18 years of age (or near enough), with rain cover, foot warmer, kitchen sink and bathroom all rolled in for a reasonable price of under £200.  But do you get offered this fantastic package deal for twin buggies? No. Just a bog standard pram that sits 2 chairs side by side all for around £600 (!!!) AND then you have to buy the rain cover, foot warmer and every other bit extra. (Why????) Anyway, we chose the smallest side to side double buggy on the market.

Mr G and I didn’t want to choose who sat behind the other with no view but the back of a seat so decided side by side seats were for us. I do love it but it does cause getting around a bit of a challenge. My local shops are as you would expect, small and perfectly formed. Which means I cannot get in or out of them. I think I could get into most doorways but then I would be stuck and feel a bit like a cork in a bottle – can’t physically move and block everyone else coming or going. In the early days I was out walking and wanted a sandwich so headed for the nearest Cafe. I naively entered with gusto as I was glad to be out and about but ended up hitting and dragging so many chairs and tables with me that I gave up 4 foot in. I then didn’t want to look even more of an idiot (!) and just back out and leave as the grand entrance of chair legs screeching on the floor had caught everyone’s attention into staring at me open mouthed, so I shouted my order from the door as if that was my intention all along. At the time, in my head, I think I styled it out but looking back, I don’t think I did.

On another occasion when out and about I desperately needed some water but knew the local shops were not big enough for me to get the buggy through the door. So my creative side came out and I drank the left over water the girls had in their Tippee cups! Meeting up with people who choose and decide on the venue is another issue.  No one thinks like me with a double buggy. I worry whether we can get through the door, whether we can manoeuvre when inside the venue then whether there be enough space beside the table we will be sitting at to park the buggy or will it be in everyone’s way? If I have to park the buggy in a different area to where we are sitting what do I do when the girls want to sleep? Do I stay with the pram when the girls sleep, therefore leaving our guests or try and get the girls to sleep in our arms – which is another challenge in itself. There are so many factors to think about it gets quite stressful before I have even left the house!

Don’t even get me started on the day the rubbish men arrive! It’s like running the gauntlet along the pavement. Not only do I have to contend with bags and bins but also trees, tree roots, cars overhanging their drive onto the pavement, and overgrown hedges.  A day in the life of a double buggy is certainly eventful.