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Last post before new year.

14 months old

……..And back to being ill again! We had nearly 2 weeks of great giggly fun kids that were sleeping through the night and everything has gone backwards. The constant whining goes right through the brain. They feel unwell and don’t know how to articulate it and they don’t want to do anything so they sit and go on and on and on whining. This wears me down.

The illness is not as bad as before, so far….but its still not 100% over. The problem is the girls keep passing whatever illness back and forth between them. As soon as you think one is getting better, they go down hill again because the other still had the bug in them. I can’t stop them sharing their cups and toys. That would be a massive challenge to undertake.

Sharing hasn’t improved but they do tend to get a toy for the other one which is sweet. Miss P could see Miss C having a tantrum on the floor crying her eyes out over nothing and she went over and stroked her. She also gave her a hug and kiss later on in the evening which unfortunately ended in them falling over and Miss C hitting her head. As an apology Miss P went and got her water cup for Miss C. It seems a small offering but it is quite an impressive one between such young girls.

15 months

YAY! They have their first tooth!  Miss C got hers first and then got the second very quickly. Miss P has one still.

We had a week break off all illnesses but nights and evenings were awful. This could have been due to teething and growing pains. Then one day they ate so much we couldn’t feed them fast enough. That night was great and they slept through the night. We believed we had cracked the problem and then they come down with another cold and cough.  Problem is we take them to soft play centres which are a breeding ground for germs. The weather is so bad we don’t have any other option.  We spent a whole week of restless evenings and co-sleeping with them during the night. I feel the girls are a conundrum every day that requires careful puzzle solving.

Personalities are coming through more each day. Miss C is thoughtful, kind and shy. She loves all animals and isn’t afraid of approaching them. Every morning at my parents she would immediately go and see the dogs. Miss C was allowed to feed the dogs biscuits with my mum’s supervision. She thought this was amazing.

Miss P is a show off and desperate to make friends with any other child she sees. She is quick with a smile for anyone and she is very cautious with animals. If she knows someone is watching her she will wobble to music she can hear and exaggerate it and keep looking back to make sure the person is watching.  Grandpa taught Miss P to lift her arms after doing something and we say “ta-daa” like a gymnast finishes a move. She thought it was amazing and kept doing it the whole time visiting my parents. She loves to make people laugh.

This is probably the last post for 2014 and I was looking back at photos of the girls. In January they couldn’t even sit up. Now they are walking, saying “UP” and other random words. They like to feed themselves with spoons and they are using some sign language to help with communication and have become little girls instead of babies.  They are very mischievous and into every drawer, cupboard and book shelf. I find myself telling them off a lot and they are testing our boundaries all the time.