Resuming normal service

After 8 weeks to hell and back with illness, this week was nice and calm. I didn’t keep the girls in bubble wrap and I took them to baby classes and they have been having pretty good sleeps and been at their very best in the day. We still have to get up at night around 6-10 times due to them crying out but it was all in their sleep and very rarely did they need any help in finding their dummies. One evening/night went a bit off kilter by Miss C starting at 10pm to be inconsolable and then the two of them were in the same moods throughout the night so we needed to comfort them till they went back to sleep – which took several hours each time. But one night out of a whole week was good news really.

The trouble with these days is that they are getting so confident in walking it helps if I take them to the park in the day to burn off some energy and make the day a bit more interesting but the rain and cold really stops us from leaving the house. We tried to brave the cold, wind and rain and went to the playground in the local park recently but Miss C soon starting pointing to the pram as she wanted to get back in it. Very unlike her as I usually have to use the commonly known ‘knee and leg’ block to push her back into the pram seat when it’s time to go home.

I’m still in awe looking at the little people walking about on their own. It’s amusing and amazing at the same time. They are so small and yet they are waddling around with so much eagerness and independence. They walk themselves to the kitchen for food and bang on their high chair if they are hungry, they waddle to the bathroom in their nappy if we say its bath night and they love chasing the cat all day up and down the flat.

I quite like having a flat at the moment as they get to use all the rooms, including their own to play in whenever they like. If we lived in a house with stairs, I would have to be forever accompanying them up and down them to their room or have all their toys in the living room – which I would find too much.Yes, I like adult space. I like to put things away in boxes to feel a little like our old life and our old adult contemporary feeling of a living room…..ignoring the multi coloured soft play mats on the floor!

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