What items have you found in your child’s mouth?

Now I know the girls are only 11 months and have not been crawling for long, but I am impressed at how many things I keep finding in their mouths which they find on their adventures. They don’t even want to eat their present, they just want to keep it in their cheeks to savour for as long as possible!

I have to stress before I make the list that I spring cleaned the house and made the rooms baby proof when they started crawling. So to find these items in their mouths not only impressed me as to where they found them but I still cannot locate where they came from.

  • 5p
  • pizza menu
  • packing tape
  • magazine pages
  • bits of the cats scratching post
  • pieces of soft play mat
  • leaf
  • tissue
  • cat food

I am most impressed with finding a whole raisin in Miss C’s mouth 4 hours after eating breakfast (porridge with raisins) AND she had had a morning nap during this time.

I am looking forward with awe and intrigue what else is going to be found in their mouths in the future.

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