Quads – could you do it?

Wow, just wow.

Watching the programme last night about the family with Quads was for me full of memories, joy and aspiration. There were similarities with mine as they were premature and they were both so tiny but that is where the similarities stopped. I had two, they had four.

I felt their exhaustion, stress, obsessing about their weight, relentlessness and days rolling into one all over again. I had complete empathy and awe for the parents.

Until you have more then one child you understand most but not all that multiple parents have to go through.

But a 3 day break abroad? I mean seriously?? I break out in a sweat trying to contemplate the logistics of a family of 4 but not 6?!?  And to top it all off their bags were lost – every travellers nightmare!  I would have had a meltdown – actually I would have had one in the beginning just trying to pack for the holiday (do you know how much “stuff” you have to take everywhere!)   They are very brave and a perfect family with the perfect attitude for quads.

Ultimately It put things into perspective for me. No matter how tough a day I am having someone, somewhere is having just the same or tougher and it’s not how you deal with it (my preferred tonic at the end of the day is red wine) it’s how you embrace it and deal with every challenge thrown your way.

2 thoughts on “Quads – could you do it?

  1. mummyofboygirltwins

    I felt exactly the same! It made me feel so grateful I only had TWO! Twins is uber easy compared to them!! Wait until theirs walk! Scary stuff 😉 Your twins look adorable btw – look forward to more posts x

    1. Erin670 Post author

      Thank you! Yes it was jaw dropping stuff and to think we get stressed over things that happen with 2. I’m going to rethink my stress levels (but not my wine intake)! Thanks for reading.


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