Keep Up Mummy!

As you’ve read before the beginning was tough and waiting for that first smile from the girls was the reward I was so desperately needing. And when they started to smile, boy, did they smile! They smiled for everyone but me. This went on for weeks! They smiled at strangers, they smiled for Mr G but never for me. I used to shake my fist at them and say “traitors“.

Of course, eventually they did smile for me and it made everything in the world better. No matter how tired I am or pushed to my limits, one look from them beaming at me just melts me. But then once the smiling started their development and needs started changing. Miss C is the one who always pushes for the next stage. Poor Miss P and I are left floundering wondering what we are supposed to be doing.

Our daily routine is my security blanket and when Miss C pushes us forwards, the routine has to change and I am left feeling a bit bewildered and lost. First Miss C refused me when trying to feed her. She spent the 40 mins that Miss P was feeding to scream the house down and kick Miss P in the head!  So I moved onto bottle feeding.

Miss C then had another meltdown and refused a feed on the bottle. So I moved the feeding times from every 3 hours to every 3.5 hours. A few weeks later, Miss C did it again and I move the feeds from every 3.5 hours to every 4!  I have no idea how Miss P felt every time we did this. Luckily Miss P is easy going and has accepted everything so far. I seem to be the one who feels put-out and not able to keep up!

As for development milestones, that’s a tricky one. Miss P seems to do things first like roll from side to side and babble. But then stops.  Miss C does nothing and then does everything at once. She rolls onto her tummy, rolls back again, says da-da-da and other sounds. It’s like she bides her time and then goes…….”ta daaaa! – I could do it all along I just wanted to make a grand entrance!”  Miss C has a habit of rolling on top of Miss P and grabbing at her face which does not please Miss P one bit especially as Miss P hasn’t yet mastered the art of rolling away!  They both have an impressive skill (I am actually quite jealous of this one) which is sucking on their own toes! It is strangely hypnotic to watch yet so weird at the same time.

Both are sitting up with confidence now and they go rigid as a rock if you try and sit them up as all they want to do now is stand on their feet.  (Uh oh. Does this mean walking is round the corner?) Let me just put that to the back of my mind as the logistics of two of them walking is making me nervous and break out in a sweat.

At the moment they are more then content to sit beside each other and play with their toys. Which has recently turned into a battle of the wills as they want whatever toy is in each others’ hand.  Once, one had the head of a toy in their mouth and the other had the foot of the toy in their mouth. It reminded me of a scene with the spaghetti in Lady and the Tramp.

Other times it’s a lot of pulling and flailing arms with crying at the end. I don’t feel I should step in as they need to sort it out between themselves. They wouldn’t understand what I was saying to them if I did scold them. I sometimes just give the culprit a stern look and wag my finger and they return a wide grin back. A lot of the time there is pushing and shoving with the unlucky one losing grip on the toy and falling backwards with feet in the air and the winner having the toy smack themselves in the face. Who is the real winner then? All I know is that I wish I had filmed it to send into You’ve Been Framed!

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